by Brian Gibson
Executive Director

As the world-renowned Mayo Clinic celebrates its 150th anniversary, we have discovered the identities of eight abortionists and the high-priced abortions done at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minn.

Both of these discoveries are truly remarkable. Learning the identity of an abortionist in Minnesota tends to be very difficult. Minnesota’s abortion reporting law, the most thorough and detailed in the nation, shields the identities of abortionists from the public. All eight of these abortionists were previously unknown to us. (For more information on these Mayo Clinic abortionists, see the note below this article.) Five are confirmed to perform “elective” first-trimester abortions at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus. The other three are perinatologists who also work at Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse, Wis., a part of the Mayo Clinic Health System, and were confirmed to be abortionists because of their work in La Crosse. Abortions are not committed at Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse. (See our news article or go to for ongoing efforts to remove the abortionists from the staff of this Catholic hospital.)

Secret, private “elective” abortions are available at Mayo in Rochester and are available for women from all over the world. If paid by cash, a deposit of $9,000 – $10,000 is required with the actual cost being perhaps higher. And since the Mayo Clinic is not listed on the annual Minnesota abortion report, we do not know how many abortions are being committed within the Mayo Clinic Health System.

More information, including a plan of action to call Mayo Clinic back to truly being the world-class healthcare provider it is known for, will be forthcoming in future newsletters and communications from Pro-Life Action Ministries.


*Note: Please pray for Kristi Borowski, William Cliby, Norman Davies, Sean Dowdy, Abimbola Famuyide, Christopher Klingele, Carl Rose and Timothy Wilson. These physicians all work at the Mayo Clinic in Rocherster, Minn. where they commit abortions. Famuyide is also Chair of Obstetrics, and Borowski, Davies and Rose are perinatologists who also see patients with high-risk pregnancies at Franciscan Healthare in La Cross, Wis. and other clinics in the region.

Please pray that all eight of these abortionists (and any others at Mayo that we may as yet be unaware of) would stop committing abortions and use their skills only to save lives, thus befitting the reputation of the Mayo Clinic. And pray that they would repent of their past involvement in abortion and become reconciled with God.

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