Photo: About 150 people participated in our first prayer rally outside the new location of Whole Woman’s abortion center at 8053 E. Bloomington Freeway in Bloomington March 7. 

April 15, 2020 — Forty-five years of killing in the Parkside Professional Center, 825 S. 8th St., Minneapolis (across the street from Hennepin County Medical Center), came to an end when the last abortion mill located there moved out March 27.  Hennepin County recently purchased that building with plans to use it in a future renovation of the hospital so Whole Woman’s (WW) abortion center had to move.  WW was expected to re-open and begin killing in early April at 8053 E. Bloomington Freeway in Bloomington, but so far, no babies have been killed there due to construction delays!

A rough estimate of 125,000 babies have been killed by three different abortion centers in the Parkside building since 1975 (see Timeline at the end of this article).  For several years in the mid-1990s, there were two abortion mills in this building (Midwest and Meadowbrook) together killing about 32 babies a day. But many babies have been saved there over the years through the efforts of Pro-Life Action Ministries.  We have prayed, picketed, sidewalk counseled, and held Good Friday Vigils there.  We also conducted two rescues (sit-ins) in this building — one in 1985 and one in 1989 (in which 153 people were arrested for trying to save lives).

Whole Woman’s is Minnesota’s second highest volume abortion mill, reporting 2050 abortions in 2018.  Killing defenseless babies up to 23 weeks, 6 days, WW violated Minnesota law while selling aborted baby parts according to an undercover video of Whole Woman’s CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller, at: 

Because WW’s new location is in the south metro, some of the sidewalk counselors who went to the downtown location from the north metro have decided to go to Planned Parenthood or Robbinsdale instead of driving to Bloomington.  So, we need more sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters at the new location!  We believe that a minimum of three sidewalk counselors will be needed for each shift.  Please contact Bill Kelly, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator, at 651-797-6365 or  There is plenty of free parking nearby.


1975 — Midwest Health Center for Women opens at 825 S. 8th St.

Mid-1990s — Meadowbrook Women’s Center moves from the Meadowbrook office building on the Methodist Hospital campus in St. Louis Park to this building.

October 1997 — Midwest moves out of Parkside to S. 5th St. in Minneapolis.

2012-2013 — Whole Woman’s  purchases Midwest and Meadowbrook, consolidating them into one location in the Parkside building in the suite that Meadowbrook had occupied.  Midwest’s location on S. 5th St. is closed.

March 2020 — Whole Woman’s moves out, ending a 45-year era of killing there.

Our Good Friday All-Day Vigil outside the abortion center at 825 S. 8th St., Minneapolis on March 29, 1991. (At that time, it was called Metropolitan Medical Office Building.) Speaking is Dr. John Piper, then pastor of nearby Bethlehem Baptist Church whose Sanctity of Life Ministry members prayed and sidewalk counseled outside this killing center over the years until it closed in March. Our records show that a baby was saved during this Good Friday Vigil after the young mother and her aunt spoke with sidewalk counselor Kim!

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