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Pro-Life efforts opposing Planned Parenthood’s new facility in Richfield, MN are continuing with a weekly prayer vigil. Call 612-824-0787 for more information.

Update on Pro-Life Efforts in Richfield, MN
by Emily Koenig

A small group of us were praying our weekly Tuesday afternoon rosary on the public sidewalk in front of the Richfield Planned Parenthood (PP).  A Hispanic woman approached us and asked for directions to the address she had written down. We could see that it was the address of PP.
We were not sure what to say and not sure what she could understand; she spoke very little English, but we asked her if she would like to pray the rest of the rosary with us. She prayed two decades with us. We felt bad, it was very cold, and she did not have any mittens.
After we prayed, we asked her if she knew about abortion. We pointed to PP and said they do abortions. We said if she needs help we know of a place that will help her that does not do abortions. We wrote down Sagrada Familia’s phone number and told her that they speak Spanish too. Thankfully, we did not see her go to PP that day.
We rarely see people go into the Richfield PP but know they are advertising with billboards and flyers, and at bus stops, paid for in part by Minnesota taxpayer money. The Hispanic woman we met said she was looking for Centro de Salud (“Health Center”). Centro de Salud is the name that PP uses for this clinic.
We do not know if the woman was looking for a real health center or a PP, but we do know the following week, on another very cold Tuesday afternoon, the woman was standing outside, right in front of the entrance of PP. She looked over and saw us praying and walked over to join us again. She prayed an entire rosary with us this time and she still had no mittens. We gave her a rosary and offered her our mittens; she accepted the rosary, but not the mittens. After we finished the rosary, she left and headed south on 66th street away from PP. We thanked God for our brief encounter with the woman looking for help. We hope and pray she finds what she needs.

Editor’s note — You are welcome to join this prayer group on Tuesdays at 1:15. Emily can be reached by leaving a message at 612-824-0787. To be notified of other activities opposing this PP, call Pro-Life Action Ministries at (651) 771-1500.

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