by Debra Braun, Education Director
Two women within three days in the middle of August were transported by ambulance from the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP).  Both an ambulance and a firetruck arrived for an emergency on August 14 and an ambulance arrived on August 16.  Radio dispatch recordings revealed that both women suffered from hemorrhaging, a common abortion complication that PP abortion mills are not equipped to control.  (A video created by Operation Rescue of the two incidents is posted here. It includes  the radio dispatch recordings and excerpts from the August 14 video taken by Brian Gibson.)

Brian was one of the sidewalk counselors at PP on August 14.  He stated that the woman transported to the emergency room that day was one that had refused his offer of help before she entered PP.

In 2018, there were at least seven ambulance runs to this PP and so far in 2019, there have been at least three.  These are the ones we know about;  there may have been others that we didn’t see because, unfortunately, we do not (as yet!) have enough sidewalk counselors and prayers supporters to cover PP all the hours it is open.

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