by Debra Braun
Education Director

This ad, “Abortion on your own terms.  Options in the comfort of your own home,” has been running in the trashy Twin Cities tabloid, “City Pages,” by the Whole Woman’s abortion center in Minneapolis.  This abortion mill is part of the Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain, based in Texas and founded by Minnesota native, Amy Miller, who has been attempting for years to remove the “stigma” of abortion.  Miller has been caught on an undercover Center for Medical Progress video:  discussing the trade in aborted baby parts from her Minneapolis abortion mill.

A call to Whole Woman’s revealed that this ad is not referring to a new abortion method.  Rather, it refers to the two-part “abortion pill” method (RU-486), which Whole Woman’s has been using for years.  The caller was told that she would take the first pill in the abortion center and the second drug “24 to 48 hours later in the comfort of your own home.” This is just a new marketing ploy to sell abortions.

In a related story, Preterm abortion center in Cleveland is running billboards with slogans such as “Abortion is sacred”, “Abortion is gender equality”, and “Abortion is life-saving”.  A coalition of pro-life groups, including some which focus on promoting the pro-life message in the Black community, is preparing a billboard campaign to counter these Orwellian ads.

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