By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

Thirty years ago (January 13, 1987) the remains of thirteen aborted babies were found in the trash dumpster behind the Robbinsdale, Minn. abortion facility by a volunteer with Pro-Life Action Ministries.  For the full story, go to our Special Edition newsletter:

Much like the shock many experienced upon seeing the undercover videos of 2015 that exposed the sale of aborted baby parts, seeing and holding these babies’ remains disturbed us deeply.  But unlike the 2015 undercover videos, there wasn’t an Internet or other alternative to show the world what we had found.  We had to rely on the media to tell the story from a press conference we conducted.  That media instead chose to hide the tiny broken bodies of these children from the public.  Ironically, none of the reporters who viewed the babies wrote disparaging things about our discovery.  Yet there were the defamatory columns in the newspapers.

At the time of this gruesome discovery, legislation was working its way through the Minnesota House and Senate that would require a dignified burial or cremation for the remains of aborted and miscarried children.  A few columnists opined that we orchestrated this body find to pass the legislation.  What utter nonsense!  But the legislation did pass, gaining strong support because of our discovery.  It is this law that is the basis of our lawsuit against the University of Minnesota (see the December 2016 issue of Pro-Life Action News).

Whenever the reality of abortion can be made plain to the public we make great gains toward turning public sentiment against the killing of the unborn.  The more people see what happens to the baby in an abortion, the more likely the public will be willing to stop this horrific killing.

Having held these broken babies in my hands, I am of the mind that no one can tell me our efforts are futile.  Every moment spent on the sidewalk in front of abortion mills is time spent trying to save the most defenseless, the most vulnerable, and the most innocent among us.

Photo information:  The largest baby found was completely dismembered.  His crushed skull is in the upper right-hand corner.  According to measurements and this model of an unborn baby in the fourth month (compare the foot and leg of the model with the remains), this child was at least 16 weeks old.


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