by Debra Braun, Education Director

We have just learned that Marilee Hanson, 57, is no longer doing abortions at the Park Avenue Medical Office Building (710 E. 24th St.) in south Minneapolis.  She is retiring from her private practice there, with the last babies killed in late  November.  Hanson is an ob-gyn and practiced in the Boston area before returning to Minnesota about 15 years ago, when she joined her mother, well-known abortionist Mildred Hanson, at that independent abortion mill. The older Hanson died in 2015, having committed abortions for more than 40 years (including illegally before Roe v. Wade).  Tens of thousands of babies have been killed in that building by this mother/daughter team.

Pro-Life Action Ministries conducted many rallies, pickets, prayer vigils, and rescues there since our ministry began more than three decades ago.  And thanks to the committed sidewalk counselors who were there weekly, many lives were saved!

This is all the information we have right now.  We don’t know if Hanson will continue to kill at any of the remaining abortion mills in the area.  Please pray for her that she will stay out of the abortion business completely and permanently, repent,  and turn her life over to Christ!

Also, we do not know what is happening to the abortion mill itself.  We will let you know when we have more information.  Meanwhile, we are praising God for one less killing center in the Twin Cities right now!  The dedicated sidewalk counselors who had been going to that location have joined our life-saving efforts at Whole Woman’s abortion mill, one mile away.  Now we have more sidewalk counseling coverage there at the four entrances, with hopes that more lives will be saved at that location!  Please contact our Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator, Bill Kelly, at (651) 797-6365 or  if you are willing to pray or sidewalk counsel at Whole Woman’s, Robbinsdale or Planned Parenthood.  We still have open spots and you are needed to help save lives!





Photos – (Left) Co-founder of Pro-Life Action Ministries, the late Br. Michael Gaworski, was arrested while leading the rally on the public sidewalk during a March 10, 1988 rescue at Mildred Hanson’s abortion center.  This was one of two rescues we conducted at that location, along with many other prayer rallies, pickets and regular sidewalk counseling since the mid-1980s. 

(Right) Rescuers block the door to the hallway leading to the abortion procedure rooms in Mildred Hanson’s facility on March 10, 1988. Note the extra chairs set up in the middle of the waiting  room to fit in all her clients.  Photo by Michael Fitzgerald, The Catholic Bulletin

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