Descent Into Madness: Inside the Mind of a Planned Parenthood Abortionist and the Future of the Pro-Abortion Movement

“All abortionists are dangerous people but abortionists like Harris are
especially dangerous as she exemplifies the ideologically-driven killer who provides the philosophical justification by which abortion providers learn to live with themselves while engaged in exterminating the innocent. The really dangerous abortionists are not the ones in it for the money, but the ones who believe in what they are doing!”

Second Trimester Abortion Provision: Breaking the Silence and Changing the Discourse

“I argue that this silence is harmful to providers, the pro-choice movement and the women who need abortion services. I make the case for pro-choice discourse that is honest about the nature of abortion procedures and uses this honesty to strengthen abortion care and uses this honesty to strengthen abortion care, including second trimester abortion.”

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