The abortion escort tried to interfere…

February 3, 2021, Whole Woman’s, Bloomington

A couple with two small children arrived and volunteer sidewalk counselor Kay K. was able to speak with them as they pulled into the driveway.  The following is condensed from Kay’s report:  “The man was more than willing to listen to me.  Neither of them said much.  I pointed out their beautiful children and said they didn’t want to live with the fact that they had killed their third child, that most relationships don’t survive an abortion, etc., etc.  I opened the blue brochure and showed them all the places they could go for help.  I asked them repeatedly to back out of the driveway rather than go in.   But they drove in,  and I called on Jesus over and over to change their hearts and cover them in His precious blood and to hide them from the enemy in His wounded side.”

Volunteer sidewalk counselor Deb G. picks up the story, “When I got there for my 10:00 a.m. shift, the car was parked in the parking lot.  The woman went in, but when the man left by the side driveway, he pulled over to talk to another sidewalk counselor, Kim S.  The abortion escort tried to interfere, but the man told the escort he wanted to talk to Kim to thank her for being there.  He told Kim he didn’t want the mother to have the abortion and he had been praying she would change her mind.  Kim told him she would pray too.   He came back through the main driveway about 11:40 and I stopped him to give him the little card I got from Amnion, a nearby pregnancy help center, on how to reverse the abortion pill.  I told him I wanted him to have it in case they change their mind.  He had a huge smile on his face and said they wouldn’t need the card because she had changed her mind and he was picking her up!  He thanked us all for praying for them.  PRAISE THE LORD!   They were going to have the baby and seek a pregnancy center.  I gave him a baby gift. When they left out the side driveway, they stopped by Kim and they both thanked her too for praying.  God Hears and Answers.”

A final comment from Kay:  “God is good and I am so grateful I could play a small part in saving this baby and family from the horrors of abortion.”

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