Thanks for talking to me!

January 29, 2021, Brooklyn Park PP

With the cancellation of the national March for Life in D.C., originally scheduled for January 29, pro-lifers across the country were encouraged to go out to a local abortion mill to pray.  So there was a larger number of prayer supporters outside the Brooklyn Park Planned Parenthood (PP) than normal on this day.  At about 11:00 a.m., two women pulled up to the driveway and asked sidewalk counselor Debra Braun and prayer supporter Bob B. what they were doing.

Debra explained that PP did abortions, but that they were there to help women keep their babies.  The passenger said, “I’m here for an abortion!”  Debra explained to her the help available from the pregnancy centers and added that Pro-Life Action Ministries has a financial aid fund as well.  Debra asked if she believed in God and the woman seemed very affected by that, as if her conscience was being pricked.  Most abortion clients are not interested in adoption, but after speaking with this client for awhile and learning more about her situation, Bob and Debra mentioned that adoption might be a possibility.  The woman had already taken the brochures and then also took Debra’s business card.

They drove over to the Aldi’s grocery store next door, went inside and then eventually drove away.  A little over an hour later, Debra received this voicemail from the woman on her office phone:  “Thanks for talking to me.   I actually decided to cancel the appointment.  Maybe your little words of encouragement did kind of help me a little bit.  But, anyway, thank you.”  Debra was then able to follow up with her.  Praise God!

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