Sidewalk Counselor Meets “Unknown Baby Saved”!

Note – We have always believed that there are more babies saved than we have documented. This belief is based on situations like this recent encounter. We had not previously documented this baby saved because we just didn’t know about it!

By volunteer sidewalk counselor Lois T.

I was chosen to be granted the grace of receiving an expression of gratitude for all of us who work and pray on the sidewalk. This is a grace because I had been getting a bit discouraged lately. I was questioning how much good we are actually doing at that particular sidewalk/driveway.

On Friday, February 23, during my regular 11:00 – 1:00 weekly shift outside the Brooklyn Park Planned Parenthood, I was standing on the sidewalk by the common driveway entrance/exit. A woman exiting from the local businesses rolled down her passenger-side window and leaned toward me to speak. I remember wondering whether she would express a pro- or con- attitude as I stepped closer to her car to hear her. She immediately shouted words of gratitude for us being present there and for what we do.

Since I noticed there was a line of cars behind her waiting to exit, I briefly nodded my thank-you for her words. However, she continued on by excitedly shouting that she was at this place in October of 2022. The young woman said in effect, “You gave me literature and I had my baby; the baby is here in the back seat!” (I interpreted the “you” as a general term like “you guys,” since I did not ever recall seeing this young woman before. I doubted she would have been able to recognize me personally with my head fully covered that day in a knit cap and scarf wrapped up past my chin in the cold.)

I was unable to see the baby she pointed to in the back seat because the rear window was tinted. Obviously curious then, I drew closer to get details from her about her amazing testimony. “Did you ever actually go into the building!?” She emphatically said NO, indicating she had taken the literature which changed her mind. This young mother was smiling and very joyful.

Her last words as she was rolling away were to say that a lot of people do not want to hear your message, (putting her hands up to cover her ears). From that encounter, her message came strongly. “Please realize the good you guys are doing down here!” She was adamant in her desire to say Thank You! I only wish I would have had time to talk with her longer to get her complete story.

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