“Thank you so, so much!”

March 30, 2021 — This morning at the AWHC abortuary, a young abortion bound mom pulled into the parking lot, proceeded to get out of her car, and headed toward the door, but not without Shirley Jo, one of the sidewalk counselors, reaching out to her, offering help.  This mom turned around, listened for a moment, and headed over to Shirley Jo, who was able to talk with her and listen to her share how she had two young children, had been sick, and just couldn’t handle the situation.  Shirley Jo gently shared how there were people there for her, and that no situation was too hard for God!  She then asked her if she could walk her next door to the pregnancy help center, to which she agreed.  Later on she came out and walked over to us with a huge smile on her face and said these words: “I changed my mind;  thank you so, so much!”  We told her that we would plan to have a baby shower for her, and help her through this journey!  She left today happy and relieved instead of a broken woman with a broken baby.  Can we all say “Glory Hallelujah”?  God is so good, and praise God for Christians who come out to these places of death, speak up for those who have no voice, and rescue those being led to the slaughter!  A life saved, and a life changed!

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