Oak Commons, Kissimmee

 (September 2014) The battle for life in Kissimmee, Fla. continues on with the body of Christ standing firm in their resolve to keep that city abortion-free!
From the first City Commission meeting in April, packed out with concerned citizens expressing their outrage, sadness, dismay and disheartenment over the proposed mega-Planned Parenthood (PP) at 610 Oak Commons Blvd., to the continual weekly prayer vigils, the Lord has been glorified and answering our prayers.

The latest news (and such an answer to prayer) was the temporary injunction handed down in late July by a circuit judge in response to a lawsuit by MMB Properties, a facility in the same medical park as the new PP.
MMB claimed PP was planning to perform surgeries (including abortion and diagnostic tests) which are not allowed in the medical park without permission, according to the park’s Declaration of Restrictions.  They also said PP knew about the deed restrictions before buying the property.
Unbelievably, PP’s CEO Jenna Tosh, tried to argue that surgical abortions are not “surgical” procedures because they do not involve incisions.   But the judge didn’t buy it, and made the statement that PP purchased the property with “knowledge of the restrictions and proceeded at its own peril.”
We thank God for this temporary injunction, and we ask everyone to keep praying for a permanent injunction! And most importantly, that this PP will shut its doors completely and that no innocent blood will ever be shed there. To God be the Glory!

by Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

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