Lakers4Life is a unique pro-life student group in Minnesota due to the fact that it is based at a public school, Prior Lake High School, rather than at a private or parochial school. “Publicly being pro-life in high school is so important,” said group co-leader Hailey Zweber. “High school students want to know the truth, and if they don’t hear it from us, they will look to society to tell them what is acceptable. Being pro-life is not easy, especially when faced with opposition, but we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters who will never get a chance at life.”

Lakers4Life began a few weeks after a group of students came back from the 2013 March for Life in Washington, D.C., knowing that they had to do something in their own community. Leah Preslicka is the other co-leader, with about 40 other students involved in the group. They meet weekly and have done a variety of projects, including putting up fetal development posters around school, hosting speakers, volunteering and raising money for local pregnancy resource centers,  and witnessing outside abortion centers.

Hailey explained another project the group did this past year. Members filled a poster with more than 300 decorated hearts and displayed it in the lunchroom. After two days,  all the hearts were taken off and and the poster was left blank. The next day, group members pinned a heart on their shirts while the poster read, “Where did all the hearts go? Ask someone with a heart.” When people asked, they were told that each heart represented 10 babies that die each day from abortion in the U.S. Finally, the next day, the poster revealed this startling statistic for all in the school to see. But then that poster lasted only two hours before it was taken down by administration (even though the group has official school approval). Apparently there was a complaint that the poster was “offensive.” However, Leah said, “They could not tell us what was offensive about the poster or why it was ‘hindering the learning’ of some of the students.” Although it doesn’t surprise her, “it is unfair that our group is treated differently than other groups at the school,” she said.

The fetal development posters were all taken down as well, despite the posters simply having development facts written on them. And a “pro-choice” group was formed at the school this past year.  “We are obviously making an impact on Prior Lake High School,” Hailey said.

Both Hailey and Leah are graduating this spring, but new leaders were recently voted in and Leah said, “I’m very confident that they will be able to keep it going and continue to help our group grow.” Hailey said new members are always welcome and added, “Getting involved in Lakers4Life is an easy first step in joining the pro-life movement!”

Pro-Life Action Ministries is available to assist local pro-life student groups with resources, speakers, and help organizing prayer and witness outside abortion centers (especially if a permit is needed for large groups). If you would like to get connected with the Lakers4Life student group or others, contact us at or (651) 771-1500.

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