Baby Saved through Teen’s Senate Testimony!

By Tim Miller, Executive Director, PLAM Action

I was asked to attend Sen. Steve Drazkowski’s volunteer thank-you dinner after his election and also asked to speak about my work with PLAM Action.  It was a three-hour drive in a snowstorm each way.  I told them that everyone needed to do their part to stop abortion and help mothers choose life.  

I met a woman named Meghan, whose daughter, Abby, (14) believed she was called to “do something with her story to defend life and stop abortion”. Meghan contacted me and asked if Abby could testify in committee against the PRO Act (Protect Reproductive Options Act).  I helped arrange that opportunity for her.

On January 18, Abby Hewitt testified in the Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee hearing.  She was born with multiple congenital heart problems that kept her in the hospital for over a month after she was born.  The doctors told her parents that Abby would not likely live and if she did, would have severe health and developmental issues.  

Abby is a straight “A” student, runs the 400 meter event in track, and plays basketball and volleyball.  In her testimony she said many children like her were aborted in 2021.  She asked the committee to consider her story and to not kill more children like her with the bill. 

Her testimony was shared in a video in addition to a mom of several children who was 22 weeks pregnant with a child that was also diagnosed with several heart development problems and Downs Syndrome.  The doctors recommended the mother abort her child, but after seeing Abby’s video, she decided to bring her child full term and choose life. 

Abby’s testimony can be watched here.

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