Abortion by any Other Name

by Sarah Winandy and Jim Tuttle

We are grieved to report that St. Luke’s Hospital of Duluth, Minn., with some of its OB/GYN physicians, has chosen to disregard the sanctity of human life in regard to the unborn. We learned this from a nurse who, because of her convictions regarding the sanctity of human life, refused to participate in this godless practice. There are a few courageous medical personnel who have made a conscientious stand and they need to be encouraged!

It is now possible to determine early in pregnancy by using genetic testing that a baby might have a disability, Downs syndrome or a terminal condition. There are doctors at St. Luke’s who are willing to do an early induction of a baby with serious negative genetic test results, calling it “an early induction for lethal fetal anomaly.” If a women decides to take that option she will be scheduled as an in-patient at the hospital and given a Pitocin drip which induces labor and the child is born gasping for breath but unable to breathe at such an early stage in development. The baby can be as young as 16 weeks and up to 23 weeks or more. Parents are allowed to hold the dying baby if they choose to.

Doctors often give the worst-case scenario to the patients, trying to influence them in what they perceive as the best way to handle the situation. The parents, not fully comprehending because of the shock of this experience and because of medical terminology (“an anomalous conception”), agree to the procedure — the aborting of their baby.

Please pray with us for St. Luke’s and their doctors to be exposed for what they are willing to do to the unborn and to their parents and that they might end this procedure. We plan on writing more on this heart-breaking practice, because it is not just a local story but a nationwide practice involving thousands of babies. And that there’s another side to the story—of heroes—of nurses and doctors who have made a stand against a culture of death, and of parents who are raising severely handicapped children and experiencing the power, wisdom and grace of God in their most difficult situation, turning their heartache into a life-changing blessing.

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