Sidewalk Counselors, Friend, and Pregnancy Help Center Rescue Baby!

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

Upon arriving to All Women’s Health Center (AWHC) on Oct. 14, an abortion-bound young woman got out of the vehicle and walked into the abortuary. But not without one of the sidewalk counselors reaching out and informing her and the woman who accompanied her of the help available, and to please not do this. 

After the woman went inside, the friend got out of the vehicle and came down to speak with the counselor.  She was in a wheelchair, and began explaining that she met her friend at Publix when she couldn’t reach something on a shelf, and the friend helped her, and thus a friendship began due to the kindness bestowed upon her.  She then asked what “this” place was. She was informed that it was an abortion center, to which she gasped, and shared how she was very, very pro-life, and how she would adopt the baby!  

She immediately called her friend, and asked her to come outside. She told her that she knew what this place was, and that she would adopt her baby!  The friend did come outside, but she had a thick Spanish accent, so one of the other sidewalk counselors who speaks Spanish came over and began to speak with her.  It wasn’t long before they were all walking to the pregnancy center next door! 

A few hours later, the woman sent the sidewalk counselor a picture of the ultrasound of her 16-week-old baby, which of course was rescued!  Glory be to God!  This is why it is so important to have Christians in front of these very places of death to be a voice for the voiceless, and to rescue those being led to the slaughter!  Hallelujah!

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