The Planned Parenthood (PP) facility in Rochester, Minn. (1212 7th St., NW) is again killing children by means of the abortion pill.  This is done through a “webcam” system in which the abortionist is actually sitting in the St. Paul PP and communicating through video with the abortion client in Rochester where she takes the deadly drugs.

This PP previously committed abortions from November 2010 through December 2015. At least 320 babies have lost their lives there. The highest annual number of babies killed was 80 in 2013.

Currently, abortions are being scheduled for Monday mornings in Rochester from about 9:00-10:30.  The appointments last from 2-3 hours and there’s still a chance for the woman to save her baby after taking the first drug of the abortion pill regimen by contacting   (She takes the first drug at PP and the second drug at home 6 to 48 hours later.)

If you live in the Rochester area, please try to spend some time at this abortion mill in prayer or sidewalk counseling.  You could save a life!  We will provide literature and sidewalk counseling training.  Contact Debra Braun at (651) 797-6364 or

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