Next Sidewalk Counseling Training Seminar: March 7, 2019

7:00 -9:00 p.m. | Bethlehem Baptist Church 720 13th Ave, S. Room 111 Minneapolis, MN 55415. | Hosted by the Sanctity of Life Ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church and presented by Pro-Life Action Ministries.

If you are not able to attend one of our training seminars (offered twice a year), these articles will help you become a more effective sidewalk counselor. But don’t be overwhelmed! You already know the two pillars of sidewalk counseling: 1) Abortion is always wrong (truth) and 2) There is help for a woman who chooses life (love). Watch this space for additional training articles, videos and upcoming training seminar dates.

Sidewalk Counseling: Purpose, Focus and Essence

Spiritual Foundations of Sidewalk Counseling

Speaking the “I AM” of God at the abortion mills

Basic Guidelines for Sidewalk Counselors and Prayer Supporters

They Say, You Say…

Sidewalk Counseling Reminders

Reversing an Early Medical Abortion (the “Abortion Pill”)

Criteria for Documenting Babies Saved

Overcoming Discouragement as a Sidewalk Counselor

How to Survive the Winter as a Sidewalk Counselor or Prayer Supporter

Refocusing on the Basics

Internet Resources for Sidewalk Counselors

When the Police are Called

Sidewalk Counseling Reflections

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