by Debra Braun
Education Director, Pro-Life Action Ministries

It’s certainly not the ideal way to communicate with abortion clients or their companions, but sometimes the only way we can share our message and try to save the baby’s life is by calling out to them as they are outside smoking or, in the current situation of COVID-19 restrictions, waiting in their cars in the parking lot. I was asked for some “one-liners” to use in this situation by a new sidewalk counselor. So I thought I’d share them with you. (Of course, if you are speaking to the companion, you’d state these phrases in the third person, maybe prefacing them with, “If you know someone who’s pregnant . . .”) Keep in mind the two pillars of sidewalk counseling — there’s help for pregnant women (Love) and abortion is always wrong (Truth).

* We can help you; you don’t have to do this.

* Please come and talk with us. We’ve helped many women and we can help you too.

* You can go to the pregnancy center across the street right now. You don’t need an appointment.

* We can get you a free ultrasound, financial help, baby items, emotional support, housing, whatever you need to have your baby.

* Please, at least just take this information to read while you’re waiting. It has information you need to know and free resources for pregnant women.

* Look up “”. It shows what the abortion pill does to the woman. It can be very dangerous to you. Women have even died from the abortion pill.

* Look up “”. They’ve saved more than a thousand babies even after the mother has taken the first pill. Don’t take the second pill!

* Many women have been hurt by abortion physically, emotionally, spiritually. I know a woman who was suicidal YEARS after her abortion.

* Your baby’s heart was already beating at three weeks; she had brain waves at six weeks; arms and legs, fingers and toes at eight weeks.

* Look at your ultrasound; listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

* You’ll be so glad when you’re holding your baby in your arms.

* God has a better plan for you and your baby.

* If you have other children, you know how precious each one is. You’ll love this baby as much as your other children. It’s not fair to take this baby’s life.

* Abortion can hurt your whole family. Studies have shown that abortion can harm your other children. They may lose trust in you.

* Things may be tough right now, but that’s probably temporary. Abortion is forever. You can never get this baby back.

* No one can force you to have an abortion.

* You deserve better than abortion.

* You can leave at any time!

More one-liners specifically for companions:

* You need to do what you can to save this baby; otherwise you’ll be accountable for this baby’s life too.

* If you really care about her, don’t let her go through this abortion. She may get upset with you now, but she’ll be so grateful to you when she’s holding her baby in her arms.

*Fathers are meant to protect their children. Please be a good father.

* If you’re a relative, this baby is a member of your family. Please protect your family.

* Call or text her and tell her to come out so that we can talk with her.

Signs are helpful
Very simple, easily read signs and signs with photos of fetal development can be helpful as well to reach out to people waiting outside. Spanish signs are important if you have Spanish-speaking clients. You might put a different message on each side of the sign to make it more versatile. Some suggestions for wording:

* Pregnant? We will help you!

* Free Pregnancy Help Across the Street



* Demand to see your ultrasound

* God loves you and your baby!

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