Would you help save a baby’s life?

Thousands of people are alive today because someone reached out to their mothers with love and truth as they were entering abortion centers. This outreach is called “sidewalk counseling” and it is done by Christians all over the country. It is effective and legal (unanimously upheld by the United States Supreme Court)!

Pro-Life Action Ministries produces “We’re Here for You,” one of the most popular brochures available for sidewalk counseling. Used around the country, this life-saving, full-color brochure was designed specifically for those entering abortion centers by a team of veteran sidewalk counselors with extensive sidewalk counseling experience. To view a PDF and for information about ordering this brochure and other sidewalk counseling brochures, click below.

If you are not able to attend one of our training seminars, these articles will help you become a more effective sidewalk counselor. But don’t be overwhelmed! You already know the two pillars of sidewalk counseling: 1) Abortion is always wrong (truth) and 2) There is help for a woman who chooses life (love). Watch our Training page for additional training articles and videos.

Staff members of Pro-Life Action Ministries are available for consultation regarding all aspects of your sidewalk counseling ministry. Contact Debra Braun, Education Director, at 651-797-6364 or by clicking Consultation below. Debra has sidewalk counseled outside abortion centers on a regular basis since 1983 and has trained hundreds of people in sidewalk counseling techniques. She is the editor of Sidewalk Counseling News and Pro-Life Action News and produces other pro-life publications used around the country.


The purpose of sidewalk counseling is TO SAVE LIVES. (Proverbs 24:11-12)


The focus of sidewalk counseling is MEETING the IMMEDIATE NEEDS of PREGNANT WOMEN. (James 2:15-16)


The essence of sidewalk counseling is “BEING AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST”. (2 Corinthians 5:18-20)

What is Sidewalk Counseling?

Sidewalk counseling is a form of outreach performed by trained volunteers outside of abortion centers. Sidewalk counselors lovingly reach out to women seeking abortions with emotional support, education about abortion, and aid in finding life-giving alternatives.

Why should I get involved?

Every day in the Twin Cities, over 35 innocent babies are scheduled to be killed by abortion. Many of our brothers and sisters are not here standing with us today, because of this destructive injustice. This is your chance to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves…to save lives.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

You may feel a bit unsure of your ability to sidewalk counsel if you have never experienced it. This is fairly common. Fortunately, there is training and mentors who are willing to help you get started and assist you throughout your time as a sidewalk counselor. Some volunteers are uncomfortable speaking to abortion-minded women and prefer to come and peacefully pray with the counselors as a support. This is another excellent way to get involved.

Do I have to go through training if I want to be a prayer supporter?

Training is strongly recommended even if you are not going to be speaking with abortion-minded women and men. Our training sessions are an excellent place to meet other volunteers and to gain a better understanding of how things operate on the sidewalk. We have training DVDs available as well as periodic trainings in-person. Please call our office if you are interested in an in-person training.

I am pretty busy, I don’t know if I will have time to commit to this.

Volunteers sidewalk counsel as often as they feel their schedule allows. Shifts can range anywhere from once a month to once a week. The time commitment you make is strictly dependent on your preference and availability.

Does this strategy work?

Yes! Since the ministry began in 1981, over 3100 babies have been documented saved. Many women have chose life for their baby because of the support and education that sidewalk counselors provide. View our Baby Saved counter on the home page for our most current numbers.

How do I get involved?

Pro-Life Action Ministries provides individual and group training sessions, along with a mentor program to help you get started. Contact our Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator at 651-797-6365 or email us at prolife@plam.org to get started. We want you on our team!

Sidewalk Counseling has gone mobile!

Sidewalk Counseling News

Sidewalk Counseling News is meant to inform, educate and inspire active sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters anywhere in the world. It is published three times a year and sent at no charge. To request this newsletter, please contact us with your mailing address. Include the location where you sidewalk counsel or pray and the church you belong to.

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