Close to 14,000 Door Hangers Delivered


Volunteers gather before going out into the community in Richfield, MN

About 60 volunteers spent Saturday morning, July 12, 2014 walking the neighborhoods of Richfield, Minn., placing bilingual door hangers at close to 10,000 homes. Another 3,000-4,000 were delivered in the days after to complete the effort. Many volunteers had difficulty with the heat and high humidity on Saturday. These door hangers warned of Planned Parenthood preying upon the community and exposed the ugly truth about the abortion giant.

Many responses were positive, yet as you can imagine some were not. Though there were almost no encounters during the literature drop, about a dozen or so voice messages were left at the ministry office. One went so far as to threaten to “…break the leg of the person…” should we do this again. The police have been contacted regarding that threat, which included the phone number of the caller.

To date, this is the largest number of pieces we have delivered in a single literature drop. Many volunteers helped make it possible, including those who worked so hard in the creation of the door hanger and the organizational mapping of the City of Richfield. Thanks to all those who helped in any way.

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