By: Val, Bethany Church

This was the best outreach that I have ever done with Bethany Church ever! It was an amazing experience for me. Except for 6 am in the morning when I was alone and it was dark and I prayed in the car, the Lord provided people to pray with all day from 7 am till I left at 8:30 pm and there was still one priest out there praying after that!

The people I met that I didn’t know, who were praying and being a sidewalk counselor, helping those that went in, were just the best people I have ever met in my life. The sidewalk counselor was hollering out in her sweet voice for the women to come out and talk to us and she got a Hmong couple to leave right away. We don’t know if she was pregnant but the woman was very happy to talk to us. We got to talk to a guy and his girlfriend for over a half an hour about the Lord after their abortion. That was part of their healing, I am sure. I hope and pray that they come to the Lord to be healed. I met a priest but I didn’t know it because he was dressed in regular clothes. He introduced himself as Larry. He was the gentlest man, so sweet. I realized in my time there that all this time, I have been asking for prayer partners to pray in front of the abortion clinic and He has already provided them! I can get down on my knees too with the Catholic brothers. I just prayed to God or sang and worshiped and it was an awesome experience to just be unified in like passions for life and love for God. I am thankful for the turn out from our church at Bethany, and my friends at Outpost.

Most had never been to an abortion clinic before and so it was a new experience for them. A little boy who was there is only 7. When he heard about what was happening, he had tears streaming down his face and wanted to throw rocks against the building to do something to stop them! God is going to use that boy! Of course there were those that came by and yelled things that were so hateful it is hard to believe! My favorite of the day was a woman that gave me the finger and a hateful glare. I got so excited that that was my first persecution. I smiled and then said God bless you! She went inside and later came out and talked with Ann and told her to say sorry to me for the way she had treated me. She thought we were angry protesters and didn’t realize that we were caring people out there.

What a wonderful day! And it wasn’t hard at all to pray that long. But I was one tired happy girl at the end of the day. I hope you are inspired to go out to an abortion clinic and pray during these 40 days for Life and experience the presence of the Lord and God’s awesome opportunities to engage people in great conversations about how precious life is! God bless you my friends!

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