A lawsuit challenging all of Minnesota’s anti-abortion laws was filed in Ramsey County District Court May 29 by the Lawyering Project and Gender Justice on behalf of the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, an anonymous abortionist and an anonymous certified nurse-midwife who wants to commit abortions.

Pro-life laws targeted include those requiring informed consent, parental notification for minors, burial or cremation of the remains of aborted babies, the reporting of abortion statistics (which results in the annual abortion report, see next story) and a law banning non-physicians from committing abortions.

Update: Press Conference Video
“Brian Gibson, Pro-Life Action Ministries’ Executive Director, Minnesota State Representatives, Tim Miller and Steve Drazkowski join Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, to explain the lawsuit filed against the State of Minnesota by two abortion workers who have concealed their identity and a church group that advocates abortion. The Attorney General Keith Ellison’s insufficient response to this lawsuit has given cause for the Thomas More Society to respond with a Notice of Limited Intervention to Assert the Defense of Lack of Private Cause of Action filed October 14, 2019, by the Thomas More Society on behalf of Pro-Life Action Ministries, Incorporated and the Association for Government Accountability in State of Minnesota District Court, County of Ramsey Second Judicial District, regarding the case, Dr. Jane Doe, et al., v. State of Minnesota, et al.

We will keep you informed of developments as this lawsuit proceeds.

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