Baby Saved at Brooklyn Park PP!

by Pro-Life Action Ministries Sidewalk Counselor

On a recent Friday late afternoon, a woman approached the Brooklyn Park Planned Parenthood (PP) and I greeted her from the sidewalk, asking her to come take my brochures. She hesitated somewhat but I beckoned her again to come talk with me and she approached.

Handing her the literature, I told her about the free help available for pregnant moms and their babies. I asked if she was there regarding a pregnancy and she hesitated to answer, so I inferred that she was. “How far along are you?” We calculated that she was at least 8 or 9 weeks pregnant.

Opening the brochure, I began sharing with her about her baby’s development. She then shared that this is her fifth baby and she had four young children at home. She said things were very hard financially for them right now and it’s not a good time for another baby.

I encouraged her that she wouldn’t regret having this baby. I asked her to imagine the difficulty of having to tell her other children someday that she had aborted their brother or sister.

She was open-hearted and listened to what I was saying. I told her the pregnancy resource centers are ready to help her family. I asked if we could go there instead to help her make an informed decision.

I mentioned that Planned Parenthood has a monetary interest in her making the decision to have an abortion and they wouldn’t tell her the whole truth about it. I described the tragic, horrible stories we’ve heard about mothers who have taken the abortion pills.

She listened to everything I said. I asked her if she was a Christian. She said yes. I reminded her that we have an enemy who is involved in the abortion industry and he makes it difficult to come out of the abortion center once you go in.

She acknowledged that she knows the devil is trying to make her and her husband afraid. She said her husband was on his way to meet her there. I asked again if we could go to a pregnancy resource center and she indicated she was interested in that.

I called the number of the one closest to her. As I was on the phone, her husband drove up and they both quickly walked toward the front door. I implored them not to go in and asked the father to come talk with me. He did not stop but acknowledged me and kept going in.

Saddened that there were no nearby resource centers open at the time, I began to despair for this baby.

Paul D. and Pat W. were praying nearby. Within just a few minutes the couple came back out. Her husband got back into his car and drove away.

With relief on her face, the woman came over to me and explained that she couldn’t keep her appointment because she didn’t have her ID. She had prayed before she came that God would put roadblocks in the way if she wasn’t supposed to have the abortion.

He answered her prayers. I asked if our presence there was one of the answers to her prayers and she said that it was. Upon following up with her the next week, I learned that she was able to get to a resource center. She had her first OB appointment and the baby is fine and God is providing. Please pray for this couple to trust God, find provision, and experience joy in welcoming this fifth baby into their family life.

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