Several Chose Life —  Thank You 40 Days Prayer Supporters!

By Debra Braun, Education Director, Pro-Life Action Ministries

Besides the documented baby saved on March 28, during the last few weeks of our Lenten 40 Days for Life Campaign outside the Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul, we received reports from our sidewalk counselors of several other women leaving without aborting!  Although we don’t have enough information to document these as babies saved specifically through our ministry, we believe they show the power of God working through the faithful prayers and presence of 40 Days for Life volunteers! 

In one case, on Thursday, March 23, a woman left crying, telling the sidewalk counselor that she just knew she “couldn’t do it (abortion).”  The sidewalk counselor has remained in contact with her, and she asked the woman if the presence of the prayer supporters there that day had impacted her decision.  She hadn’t noticed the prayer supporters on the way in to PP, but now she was very grateful for them! 

In another situation, the woman took literature on the way in, sat in her car reading it and decided she couldn’t go through the abortion that day.  She left, telling the sidewalk counselor she was going to think about it more.  Pray for her! 

On Monday, March 27, during the late afternoon shift, TWO women left saying they were choosing life! The sidewalk counselor was able to give them our literature with information about pregnancy help centers.  Finally, since God is not bound by space, during this same time period, a woman drove away from the Whole Woman’s abortion center in Bloomington, MInn. telling our sidewalk counselor that she was keeping her baby and just needed to sit in the parking lot for a while and be confronted with the reality of what she’d been about to do. 

Praise God for all these babies and moms spared, and for YOU who prayed for them!

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