Brian Gibson, executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, leads the “Firestorm Rally” at Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s residence September 9 (Kit Larson, Smokey Photo)

Brian Gibson, executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, leads the “Firestorm Rally” at Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s residence September 9 (Kit Larson, Smokey Photo)

On Wednesday, September 9, we had about 1500 people rally in the street in front of the Minnesota Governor’s residence in St. Paul at our “Firestorm Rally.” (Not too bad for a mid-week, during-work-hours, kids-just-went-back-to-school day.)

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has been shielding Planned Parenthood’s Minnesota affiliate (PPMNS) since the news first hit from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) undercover videos that have shocked the nation. Relying on his longstanding friendship with Planned Parenthood and his Lt. Gov., a former V.P. of PPMNS, Dayton has coldly accepted the claim “not here, not ever” coming from PPMNS CEO Sarah Stoesz.

Even after two major protest rallies at PPMNS’s mega-facility in St. Paul (July 28 with 800+, August 22 with 4,500+) the news outlets in Minnesota were giving the story little and distorted attention. But, for the first time, the Firestorm Rally drew the media attention this story deserves. It was a lead story at 5:00 p.m. (where is was broadcast live on four TV news shows) and 6:00 p.m. on all Twin Cities news stations. It remained a news story at the 10:00 p.m. news on all stations.

Minnesota’s largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, had previously reported on August 15 that the local Planned Parent-hood affiliate had weathered the “fire-storm” stirred up nationally by CMP’s undercover videos. Having failed to even send a reporter to our July 28 rally (to which they gave no coverage) and our August 22 rally (which was seriously misrepresented in the scant report given), the Star Tribune devoted the first two pages of the second section of their September 10 edition to our Firestorm Rally.

ABRMinnesotaReports of the rally included our clear call for Gov. Dayton to investigate Planned Parenthood on the heels of the ninth CMP undercover video (see photo to right) that named Minnesota as a location with a clinic(s) providing aborted baby parts for Planned Parenthood’s longtime “procurement” partner, Advanced BioScienceResources (ABR). Minnesota, which enacted the nation’s first fetal disposal law (passed after Pro-Life Action Ministries discovered the remains of 13 aborted babies in the trash behind a Twin Cities abortion facility), makes it a crime to do anything with the remains of aborted babies other than give them a dignified burial or cremation.

More important was the reporting from the mega-Planned Parenthood in St. Paul. For the first time, PPMNS CEO Sarah Stoesz was having to answer reporters’ questions about their involvement in the sale of aborted baby parts to ABR. Stoesz was forced to deny and deny and deny repeatedly. When I was asked by reporters about her denial, it was simply to state that everyone accused of a crime denies having done anything wrong.

Planned Parenthood in Minnesota is now feeling some of the firestorm. It is worthwhile to use this opportunity presented to us to do all we can to go after Planned Parenthood. And it will be because of our actions that this moment will last longer, giving us a greater opportunity to successfully diminish Planned Parenthood’s influence in our communities and even, possibly, take them down. We do need to be taking everything to new levels of action, more often, more persistently.

This is why Pro-Life Action Ministries has organized three major rallies in six weeks, conducted weekly prayer and witness hours outside Planned Parenthood, placed a billboard along I-94 (with more to come), created new signs and new materials to hand out, and placed the focus of our Fall 40 Days for Life campaign on Planned Parenthood (including an effort to reach tens of thousands of homes with powerful information exposing Planned Parenthood).

This is the time for all those who go by the name of Christ to pray and to act as never before for an end to Planned Parenthood and abortion. We must be willing to run the rope out as far as it reaches and add string to go farther. Yet nothing will be accomplished without the power of God moving in, through, around, and as part of our actions. We must act and pray as never before.

Join in this effort. Go be a part of the 40 Days for Life vigil. Pray and fast for the closing of Planned Parenthood and the end of abortion. Pray to the Great Just Judge for an end to the barbaric injustice of abortion. Contact Gov. Dayton. Insist he investigate Planned Parenthood and all abortion facilities in Minnesota. And contact your legislators with the same message. Download printable PDF.






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