Planned Parenthood (PP) has started killing unborn children up to 11 weeks via chemical abortion (the “abortion pill’) at its new location on Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Park.  The woman never sees a physician in person;  instead, she speaks with an abortionist located at the St. Paul PP via video (as is also the case with the Rochester, Minn. PP).   The Brooklyn Park PP had been located in a nearby office park before it moved to this much more visible location in late May.  Up to this time, it was an abortion referral and birth control center but did not commit abortions.

More than 50 people attended our first prayer rally outside this new abortion site on July 24.  Brian Walker, Program Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, led the rally, assisted by Pastors Rick Ensrud, Mark Ellingson and Yonas Hailu.  Vicki Olson, a regular prayer supporter, encouraged the attendees to continue praying outside abortion centers.  Many passersby (and shoppers at Aldi next door) were supportive of our efforts.   We need sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters at this new location on Fridays (mornings and afternoons).   If you can help save lives there, please contact Bill Kelly, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator, at: or 651-797-6365.

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