MNPP2014StatsSt. Paul, MN. — Abortions at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota (PPM) jumped by a whopping 620 over 2013, leading to a statewide increase of abortions in 2014 according to the Minnesota Department of Health.  This is the first statewide increase in abortion in Minnesota since 2007.

At 4,990 abortions in 2014, PPM not only continued to increase the total number of abortions it commits but also increased its overall “share” to more than 49% of Minnesota’s abortions.  PPM has steadily increased its share of Minnesota abortions since the year 2000, countering its fallacious claim for being the reason abortion numbers had been decreasing.

“Planned Parenthood is abortion.  It’s just that plain and simple,” said Brian Gibson, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries.  “No matter how often Planned Parenthood officials claim abortions are a small part of what they do, these numbers show clearly otherwise.  It is time our tax dollars quit feeding this abortion giant,” Gibson continued.

The numbers in the chart below are taken from the annual reports published by the Minnesota Department of Health (Report to the Legislature: Induced Abortions in Minnesota).


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