Richfield Rally

About 200 Attended the “No to Planned Parenthood” Rally

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

(June 30, 2014) – While the U.S. Supreme Court was releasing its crucial decision on the Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Woods appeals, about 200 people came out to “unwelcome” Planned Parenthood to Richfield.

The Richfield Chamber of Commerce scheduled a “Welcoming Ribbon Cutting” to open Planned Parenthood’s satellite facility which targets the Latino community. We spread out along the two main thoroughfares with signs in English and Spanish and handed out bi-lingual literature.  After more than an hour, a news reporter from a local TV station informed us that the ribbon cutting ceremony was being held indoors.  Being one of the nicest days of the year, I surmised that it was held indoors because local politicians did not want to be seen by us as they supported the abortion giant.

Rev. Larry Hubbard (Padre Lorenzo), Rev. Surgio Amezcua and Rev. Tony Vanderloop each led us in prayer throughout the morning in both English and Spanish.

Many signed up to help with door-to-door literature drops, others expressed the desire to continue the public witness on a daily basis and all were admonished to continue praying ardently and persistently for the closing of this new Planned Parenthood.

The Supreme Court decision is a victory, if only in part, for our religious freedoms.  Privately held companies cannot be forced to pay for morally objectionable things simply because the government believes they should.  With this 5-4 decision, business owners are free to seek out health insurance that does not include abortion inducing drugs (the so-called “morning after pill”) contraception, or sterilizations.  The high court ruled that these are not important enough to be imposed on business owners with deeply held religious objections.

Now the real difficulty, in Minnesota and other states, is to find insurance companies that will sell health coverage that does not include these objectionable things.

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