Photo Breaks the Language Barrier — Baby Saved!

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

AWHC, August 4 — A baby was just saved!  And beautiful it was!  Shirley Jo and I did our best trying to communicate with an abortion-bound mom who could only speak Spanish after compelling her to come speak with us.  She listened intently to our feeble attempts, but it was when she looked inside our brochure (“Were Here for You”) and saw the broken and torn- apart 10-week-old baby that she truly understood,  and she stared at it for a while. 

She went and got in her friend’s car, and they sat there for about a half hour, and then we saw them pulling out.  They stopped and the driver was waving at us.  We went up and she rolled the window down and said, “She didn’t do it!”  The mom  was in the back seat and so happy, along with her two friends!  Turns out she’s 9 weeks along, so she got a good glance at what her baby looks like, and what would happen. 

We gave so much information and will be meeting with them.  Praise the name of Jesus!  Another child spared from the barbaric act of abortion!  Worthy is the Lamb!

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