March 5, 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of Pro-Life Action Ministries. The founders of this ministry recognized that in order to bring an end to abortion, much work needed to be accomplished in many areas, from the political to the legislative to the educational, to pregnancy help centers, post-abortive healing ministries, and even outreaches to those who work in the abortion industry. All of this work is extremely vital to ending abortion, but every day tiny human beings made in the image and likeness of God continue to be brutally killed by abortion in staggering numbers. From our very inception, the purpose of this ministry was, and has remained, the work of intervening for the least of Jesus’ brothers and sisters, doing all we can prayerfully and peacefully to spare every baby scheduled to be killed.

The late Brothers Michael Gaworski and Paul O’Donnell left us with quite a challenge in forming Pro-Life Action Ministries. And though we have refined how we approach this life-saving work, we have always sought to be true to the purpose set out so many years ago. The heart of our ministry is sidewalk counseling, originally organized by Br. Paul O’Donnell. Through this one area of the ministry, many babies have been saved from death by abortion, many women and men spared the trauma and anguish of involvement with abortion, and even abortion workers leaving this evil work and coming to Christ.

We have seen many “victories” along the way, from the closing of Regions Hospital’s abortion facility to each and every one of the more than 3,100 babies documented saved. We have certainly had our failures along the way too, hopefully learning lessons from God through those difficulties and challenges.

I have a particular challenge for men: many of our sidewalk counselors are women who can feel threatened by passersby who seek to intimidate them. The simple presence of a man or two reduces this intimidation and frees these great sidewalk counselors to save lives. We need more men who are willing to be present while sidewalk counseling is taking place, mostly on weekday mornings or early afternoons, praying and standing in witness against the killing. Men, look at your schedules and see if you can come for an hour or two during the week. This may be once a week, once every other week, or just once a month. Your prayerful presence will aid the effort to save many more lives. It is that simple. Call us at 651-771-1500 or email at to schedule a time or to learn more.

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