Pro-Life Action News is published six times a year. We cover hot topics in the pro-life movement, local news and events, and baby saved reports. If you would like to start receiving our newsletter, please email us.

Take a look at our December issue which includes reports of the expansion of abortion in Minneapolis and perhaps in rural Minnesota, an analysis of the recent elections from a pro-life perspective, and a recap of our successful Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign.

Past issues of Pro-Life Action News

Our October issue includes much information about the candidates in the upcoming elections and explains why a pro-abortion position is the disqualifying issue. It also includes a prayer for a pro-life Supreme Court justice.

Our August issue includes a powerful story of a pregnant mom saving her baby’s life by questioning a doctor, an article about Planned Parenthood in Minnesota expanding abortions to Brooklyn Park, and a list of Pres. Trump’s many pro-life accomplishments.

Our June issue includes exciting reports about pro-lifers keeping abortions out of Luverne, Minn., and the continuing demise of Pendergraft’s abortion empire in Florida! See also a photo of the new pro-life billboard just posted across the street from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Rochester, Minn.

Our April issue includes a report of an increase in babies being saved through sidewalk counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic, an insightful commentary by Brian Gibson entitled “Churches are Closed, Abortion Mills are Open” and an article on Whole Woman’s abortion mill moving to Bloomington, Minn.

Our February issue includes inspiring quotes from President Trump’s address at the March for Life; a powerful essay by Brian Gibson entitled “My Favorite Brother,” on the death of his brother Matthew; and an article about our billboards near Planned Parenthood being forced down.

Our December issue includes an analysis of our legal response to a pro-abortion lawsuit in Minnesota, a recap of our 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign, and several “Baby Saved” stories.

Our October issue includes a report about two ambulances within one week at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood, recaps of our “National Day of Remembrance” events, and several “Baby Saved” stories!

This issue which includes a detailed analysis of the 2018 Minnesota abortion report, the politics behind Leana Wen’s firing, and coverage of recent pro-life activities in Minnesota and central Florida!

Our June issue includes our “Unplanned” movie backstory; coverage of recent activities, including our largest Good Friday event ever; and news of the demolition of the old PP abortion center in Orlando!

This issue includes the news of Planned Parenthood building a new abortion mill in Uptown Minneapolis, a recap of increased life-saving efforts at the Planned Parenthood near UCF in Orlando, and the nine-month-long “Baby Chris” educational project we are involved in.

Sidewalk Counseling News is meant to inform, educate and inspire active sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters anywhere in the world. It is published three times a year and sent at no charge. To request this newsletter, please email us including the location where you sidewalk counsel or pray and the church you attend.

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