*Update:  We learned in early January that our two billboards which have been up for about a year near the mega-Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul were being taken down within the week. The bill board company was being threatened by the owner of the billboard stand that he would not renew his lease with them if our billboards stayed there. We are still investigating to determine who owns that billboard stand.*

The new year brings us a new opportunity to reach mothers that have chosen a chemical abortion and taken the abortion pill! Thanks to generous donors, we have created a billboard that shares the hope of abortion pill reversal!

You can find our billboard strategically placed near the corner of University Avenue and Vandalia Street in St. Paul; making it visible to everyone leaving Planned Parenthood (PP) especially if they are waiting at the stoplight.

We created this specific message for that location because, according to the Minnesota Health Department, 47% of the abortions committed at that PP location in 2017 were by the abortion pill (chemical abortion using mifepristone/RU-486). This means nearly half the abortion clients leaving PP have just taken the abortion pill, yet there is the possibility of reversing the process and saving the baby’s life if the mother calls 877-558-0333! Abortionists do not tell their clients about abortion pill reversal and sadly, we do not have enough sidewalk counselors to cover all the afternoon hours in order to speak to everyone leaving. In addition, even if a sidewalk counselor IS there, often the women drive out far too quickly for us to tell them they might still be able to save their baby. (The information is in the brochures we offer, but some don’t take our brochures.) We pray this billboard will be used by God to save MANY lives!

A nationwide network of pro-life health professionals working with Abortion Pill Rescue (the organization that manages the abortion pill reversal program) has been successful in about 68% of reversal cases, resulting in hundreds of normal deliveries and healthy babies!

Please pray that mothers would contact abortionpillreversal.com and give their babies a second chance! (If you can sidewalk counsel at PP in the afternoon, we need you! Not only would you be reaching out to abortion clients leaving, but new abortion clients are arriving until mid-afternoon Monday through Saturday. Contact our Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator, Bill Kelly, at (651) 797-6365 or william.kelly@plam.org )

If you would like to help strengthen our sidewalk counseling efforts by supporting future abortion pill reversal awareness billboards or other life saving messages, visit https://www.eservicepayments.com/cgi-bin/Vanco_ver3.vps?appver3=Fi1giPL8kwX_Oe1AO50jRiM3R9vyG783rQjgKk2ZHnGhjXsUKRLlmI4vCU4-rZZZ2EvVVAEjqawDomKT1pbouW7kVB4niWFfx9CC7TkTioM%3D&ver=3

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