Services were conducted by Pro-Life Action Ministries at two gravesites of aborted babies as part of the fourth annual National Day of Remembrance September 10.  Thirteen babies are buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Mendota Heights, Minn.  These babies were discovered in the trash dumpster behind the Robbinsdale Clinic on January 13, 1987 and buried three days later, making this one of the oldest gravesites of aborted babies in the country.

Scripture was read at the  Minnesota service by Jerry Chase, retired manager of the Central Florida branch of Pro-Life Action Ministries and Br. Connolly, local sidewalk counselor.  Brian Gibson, executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, described the events around the discovery of the bodies 29 years ago and led the participants in prayers of intercession.

In Orlando, the service was held at the gravesite behind Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church where three very precious children are buried: Steve, Judy and Don (Dan) Martin.  Years ago, when the bodies of these children were recovered by ChristyAnne (Collins) Dickson, no one would allow for their burial because they did not have a death certificate.

Understanding that these children needed a proper burial, Pastor Bill Colclasure allowed the babies to be placed on church grounds, where people could visit and remember their tiny lives. This year, a memorial stone was donated in honor of these babies as well as all the children who have died from abortion.  Pastor Bill and Rev. Frank Pavone gave wonderful sermons and Pastor Ed Martin gave the eulogy.  Testimonies were shared by Michele Herzog, Judy Johnson, Winnie Bell and Ursula Baldwin.

Nationally, memorial services were held at approximately 145 locations throughout the country, including many at the nearly 50 graves where aborted babies are laid to rest.

This reflects a tiny fraction of the nearly 60 million children killed by abortion since it was legalized in 1973, a release from the coalition behind the remembrance event said. “The children we remember on this day were abandoned not only by their parents but by our entire society, which condones their destruction at the most vulnerable stage of human life,” said Eric Scheidler, co-director of the National Day of Remembrance and executive director of the Pro-Life Action League. “The pro-life activists who retrieved and buried these children gave them the only act of human kindness they would ever receive. In visiting their graves and memorial markers, we embrace these children as part of the human family.”

The Pro-Life Action League, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and Priests for Life coordinate the annual remembrance to increase awareness of the reality that every abortion results in the death of an innocent child and to honor these unborn boys and girls.


The three aborted babies buried in Florida were named after local pro-life leaders Don Treshman and Ed Martin (both with Rescue America), Steve Litican, and Judy Johnson. (Photo by Amber Carroll)

Some of the participants in the Orlando service gather around the gravesite.




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