by Brian Gibson, Executive Director

An anti-sidewalk counseling bill (HF 3749) was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee 8-7 on Thursday, February 27.  This bill, pushed by abortion advocates,  would interfere with the life-saving work of sidewalk counselors, particularly as we distribute literature to people as they drive into the abortion centers.  Brian Walker, Program Director, represented Pro-Life Action Ministries very well in testifying against this bill at that hearing. Two other sidewalk counselors also spoke against it.  Several pro-life Representatives, strong advocates for our work, were eloquent in their questioning of this bad bill.

Testimony in favor of the bill by the pro-abortion organization, NARAL, was filled with deceit, no surprise there. But it was especially so since that testimony was focused on the Robbinsdale abortuary where none of the alleged  “problems” can occur because of a court injunction there.  Had we ever done any of the activities NARAL claimed we did, we would have already been charged and found guilty of injunction violations.  In fact, one of the pro-abortion people testifying said that the proposed law was meant to be “preemptive.”

Several organizations that do regular legislative work have confidently assured us that it will not go anywhere in the current state senate, stating that it will not become law, at least not in this legislative session.  But we will keep a very watchful eye on this type of legislation. Thanks to all who have contacted your state representatives regarding this anti free-speech bill. This is a reminder that elections have consequences.  Find out where your candidates stand on abortion, and VOTE PRO-LIFE!  

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