by Debra Braun
Education Director

The Minnesota Department of Health released its annual Report to the Legislature in late June, revealing a startling increase in the number of abortions that Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) committed last year — 6234, an increase of 605 over 2016.  This comes on the heels of a large increase of 581 abortions from 2015 to 2016.  PPMNS is now committing more than 61% of the abortions in Minnesota.  The rise in the number of abortions has been a trend for PPMNS since moving into its new abortion facility in December 2011.  (In the year 2011 PPMNS committed 3608 abortions which was about 32% of the Minnesota total.)

“Planned Parenthood claims that abortion is only a small fraction of its business while dramatically increasing the number of babies it kills each year,” said Brian Gibson, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries.  “It also claims to be the remedy to abortion, but that is clearly not the case with these numbers.  Planned Parenthood is abortion central in Minnesota and its extensive marketing programs are driving the number of abortions up in the state.”

The percentage of RU-486 chemical abortions (the “abortion pill”) continues to climb, reaching an all-time high of 39% of the state abortion total, up from 35% in 2016.  Of the Minnesota abortion mills, PPMNS committed the greatest percentage of abortions by the abortion pill — 47%, with Whole Woman’s next at 42%.

(Sidewalk counselors, please be aware of the large percentage of abortion clients leaving these places who would benefit from hearing about abortion pill reversal so their babies could have one last chance! The contact information is on our brochures, including the green post-abortion resource list.)

Following are the reasons women gave for their abortions (more than one reason could be given):
* Less than 1% for rape or incest
* 70% “does not want child at this time”
* 24% economic reasons (down from 29% in 2016)

At both Mildred Hanson’s and Robbinsdale, more black children were killed than white children.

The latest abortion was done at 26 weeks.  The total number of reported abortions done in Minnesota since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion on demand is 639,008.

Three abortion procedures resulting in a born-alive infant were reported. In two instances, no specific measures were taken to preserve life and the infants died.  In the third instance,  “comfort care measures were provided as planned and the infant did not survive.”

Editor’s note—Presumably these were reported by hospitals doing late-term abortions.  It is extremely  unlikely that the abortion mills that do late-term abortions (PPMNS, Whole Woman’s, and Mildred Hanson’s) would report any live births (although required to since July 2015), particularly if they illegally kill born-alive infants or traffic in aborted baby parts. See our website,, for documentation of these practices.

Here are the average number of babies killed per abortion day at the various Twin Cities mills:
Planned Parenthood – 21
Whole Woman’s – 8
Robbinsdale – 5
Mildred Hanson’s – 4

Please join our sidewalk counseling and prayer team so that we will be able to offer life-saving alternatives to each and every one of these mothers!

Editor’s note — Thanks to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) for some of this information. MCCL’s full analysis of the 2017 abortion report is at  To see the report yourself, go to:

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