Although Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently lifted his ban on non-essential, elective surgeries and procedures, a lawsuit that Pro-Life Action Ministries is involved in is still in the courts for now.  On April 28, the Thomas More Society sued the state’s abortion providers on behalf of a coalition of doctors and Minnesota residents to stop them from committing surgical abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The complaint names Gov. Walz, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health Jan Malcolm, and each of Minnesota’s four abortion providers as defendants. The plaintiffs include doctors, nurses, the AALFA Family Clinic, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Pro-Life Action Ministries, and several concerned individuals.

The Minnesota Department of Health had refused to enforce the governor’s order against abortion providers. In fact, the governor had specifically exempted abortion providers from the rules that all other health-care providers were required to follow.

The lawsuit asked the court to declare that Walz, Malcolm, and the state’s abortion facilities violated the Equal Protection Clause by exempting abortion providers from Minnesota’s COVID-19 prevention measures. The complaint also requested that Walz and Malcolm be enjoined from enforcing their COVID-19 executive orders “unless and until those orders are amended or reinterpreted to prohibit surgical abortions.”

If this lawsuit goes forward under the changed circumstances, we will keep you informed of developments.

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