Baby Saved through Sounds of Worship!

by Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

January 31, 2023 – Yesterday, I had a luncheon appointment with one of the pregnancy center directors in Orlando. She told me how many abortion-bound women are coming to her from All Women’s Health Center and keeping their babies (AWHC). She spoke about one woman in particular who had gone to AWHC for an abortion last year.

The mother was greeted by sidewalk counselors but went inside the abortion mill. It was taking too long; she had to leave to pick her daughter up from school. As she was leaving, one of the sidewalk counselors asked, “You’ve changed your mind?” She told the counselors that she had to pick up her daughter from school. She felt that the counselors didn’t understand what she was saying, and that they thought she was keeping the baby.

Well, she came back for the abortion, but while inside she could hear worshiping, praying and offers of help from the sidewalk counselors outside. She wasn’t a Christian, but she said she became so convicted by the worship, that she knew God wanted her out of there, and to keep the baby, which she did.

She found the pregnancy center on the resource sheet that was given to her a sidewalk counselor and went there.

She had her baby and had since written a book about her story!

You can find more Baby Saved stories at and learn more about becoming a trained sidewalk counselor in Central Florida or Minnesota.

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