Editor’s note — This is a very brief update on one group of Red Rose Rescuers.  For details, go to www.prolifesociety.net.

On February 21, five pro-lifers (Monica Miller, Mich., Robert Kovaly, Mich., Matthew Connolly, Minn., , Patrice Woodworth, Minn., and Will Goodman, Wis.) who peacefully entered the Women’s Center in West Bloomfield, Mich., on December 2 with red roses and offers of help for the abortion clients were found guilty of trespassing and interference with an officer (they practiced passive resistance).   On March 14, they were sentenced by District Judge Marc Barron to a year of probation with such unprecedented conditions as staying 500 feet away from every abortion mill in the country, having NO contact with each other, and paying “restitution” to the abortion mill, plus court-chosen community service and substantial fines.   Failing to abide by these and other conditions could  land them in jail for up to 120 days. Prosecutor Larry Sherman stated, “They’ve shown no remorse, demonstrate no potential for rehabilitation and continue to pose a threat.” Their attorney,  Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center, is filing an appeal immediately, based on the fact that they were not allowed to use the defense of necessity  and that the probation conditions seem to violate the First Amendment. Rescuer Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, said pro-lifers must “not be intimidated” by the sentence and must perform “radical acts of love, and  that means radical acts of sacrifice.”

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