Above photo: James Pendergraft, right, stands in seeming defiance during a 2013 police raid on his Orlando Women’s Center abortion mill.  Michele Herzog, Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries’ Central Florida branch, is being interviewed.  The contents of the facility were seized in partial payment of a $36 million judgement against Pendergraft in an abortion malpractice case.  The mill soon re-opened.

by Michele Herzog
Director, Central Florida Branch

Once again, late-term abortionist James Pendergraft has skirted his way out of the full and complete punishment he so deserves, with his four abortuaries here in the sunshine state remaining open for the business of killing little baby boys and girls.

Pendergraft found himself in trouble once again when he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in October 2015, at which time sheriff’s officers in South Carolina found drugs and bloodied equipment with human tissue from abortions he had been committing in his trunk. Sheriff Chuck Wright announced Pendergraft’s arrest by saying, “He traveled around the state of South Carolina without a medical license, with drugs and with medical tools, performing in-home abortions. So basically, we got an illegal baby killer.”

This traffic stop led to ten drug charges, including manufacture or possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of narcotics, and possession and distribution of prescription drugs without a prescription.

Unfortunately, sadly, and to the shame of the police department in Spartanburg, NO charges were filed against him for the abortions he was committing in South Carolina, with no medical license, or the whereabouts of where he was performing these illegal abortions!

Finally, two years later, after many postponements, Pendergraft pled guilty to all ten drug charges, and unbelievably, but not shockingly (as he always seems to get away with his crimes), he was given five years of probation and fined $26,342.25.  Court documents also state that Pendergraft is prohibited from ever applying for a medical license in South Carolina.

While all of this took place going back to his arrest, Pendergraft didn’t even have a medical license in Florida;  it has been suspended five times (the fifth time indefinitely) and was recently suspended for the sixth time!

He also was fined more than $36 million in 2011 for a botched abortion (he has paid only about $100,000) and has spent time in prison for tax evasion.  His main abortionist, Randall Whitney, has assaulted abortion clients while they were on the table.  In one case, Whitney had repeatedly missed the vein in which he was trying to inject valium.  The woman screamed in pain and Whitney slapped her across the face, commanding her to “shut up.”  She jumped off the table and ran out of this Orlando killing center! Whitney was later arrested and charged with assault.

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration filed complaints against Pendergraft’s abortuaries in February 2016, stating that he could not pass a Level 2 background check due to his South Carolina arrest, and therefore, no longer qualified for his “ownership interest” in his abortion centers. So, we are calling for the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration to follow through with the complaints and hold this criminal accountable!

And for all the pro-abortion advocates who claim to care about women, where are you?  Not a peep from the feminists who wave coat hangers around in our faces, or a concern for abortion clients who would hire someone in the Pendergraft abortion chain.  Not surprising to me, I have actually read several defending Pendergraft, so we see that the safety of women is not really the concern for these folks!

Please pray along with us, that Pendergraft will truly be held accountable, and that his four remaining abortuaries in Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale will be shut down, and for good!  And please pray that he would bow his knees to the Creator of this universe, repent of the shedding of innocent blood, and surrender his heart to Christ! This we ask in Jesus’ name!

 Editor’s note — A Michigan abortionist, Michael Roth, was also caught in 2015 doing home abortions from his trunk using drugs and abortion instruments stolen from an abortion mill where he had been employed.  He pled “no contest” to three felony counts of larceny and will be sentenced on December 7.

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