I’ll never forget the relieved look on her face.

Condensed from a report by volunteer sidewalk counselor, Reuben S.

On Saturday, March 6, I started talking to a couple as they walked into the Robbinsdale abortion center after parking across the street.  I was encouraging them to think about their baby and that this is a human life, their child. There were four escorts, and they swooped on the couple immediately.  The man and woman went into the clinic, and the man came out a couple minutes later.  I urged him of the importance of this moment and to take responsibility.  I shared with him that scientifically this is a new human life and that abortion would be killing this person.  He responded that for the woman, the baby was a “mistake” and they couldn’t afford it.  I told him we would help with any financial needs they had.  After pleading with him for another minute, he took the pro-life brochure I had and started to walk toward his vehicle.   He said he would “think about it” but I thought he was just brushing us off.

Another sidewalk counselor, Joanne N., was able to speak to him for another minute before he crossed the street.  We were all praying at this moment and asking God to intervene.  We noticed he was on his phone, and after a while, he started to leave. I beckoned him to come back, and he actually gave us an almost thumbs-up signal.  But we were saddened because it looked like he was leaving for good.  A few minutes later, a passerby made demeaning comments to us about the futility of our efforts.  Amazingly, 30 seconds later,  the man came back and his girlfriend walked out.  She was on the phone talking with him (most likely this whole time).  Sidewalk counselor Marlene R. asked her if she didn’t do it and she affirmed that she hadn’t and that she was leaving.

I’ll never forget the relieved look on her face.  We cheered both of them on and thanked them for doing what’s right. The woman looked very happy that she didn’t go through with the abortion.

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