by Sarah Quale

It is a thick, sodden garment that suffocates and torments; a black shroud that envelops its wearer in spiritual darkness. The walking wounded wrap themselves in it every day, tossing and twisting, trying to escape. But no matter their efforts, they can’t remove abortion’s cloak of shame. At Hope Community Church, we openly recognize that only God’s grace and mercy can heal those who participate in abortion and truly set them free. And only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can they be forgiven and forgive themselves. We offer a place of safety, healing, and restoration for all those who wear this cloak—a place of Hope, as is our namesake.

His First

Hope Community has always stood strong for life, but a few years ago, we began to dig deeper and ask ourselves: why do millions of men and women continue to put on this cloak of shame every year? How has America been so deceived, and what can we do to build up the body of Christ in order to defeat the culture of death? We felt a powerful calling to break new ground in the pro-life movement. So Hope established the His First ministry to equip God’s people with the truth and help them move forward in His will. We do this by shining light on every aspect of Satan’s tangled web of lies, through an intensive study of history, culture, scripture, and the worldly and spiritual battlefields. We then help people connect this knowledge to their individual callings, empowering them to serve in the pro-life arena. Our classroom and e-learning opportunities not only help individuals rise up, but also whole churches and organizations whose leaders want to strengthen their stance on life issues, but are overwhelmed at where to start.

So even though our approach is unique, our mission is not. Like all of us, as Christ’s church, we are called to bring bold messages of truth, love, and hope to those who are wearing abortion’s cloak of shame and those who are about to put it on. If you would like more information about His First and our upcoming educational opportunities, visit our website. May God bless your efforts to stand and be used by Him!

Sarah is the Director of the His First pro-life ministry at Hope Community Church. Please feel free to join Sarah and other members of Hope for an hour of prayer outside the Robbinsdale abortion center the last Friday of the month from noon until 1:00.

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