Four Babies Saved in Florida Recently

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager, Pro-Life Action Ministries

February 17, Orlando Planned Parenthood — While sidewalk counselors were ministering, they noticed a car pull in and a young lady get out who proceeded to start walking toward Planned Parenthood.  They immediately began crying out and pleading with her to not go into that place, offering help, hope and the truth of abortion. 

The abortion-bound mama turned around and immediately started heading their way!  They ministered to her for quite a while and she ended up choosing life.  She shared with them how she was so uncomfortable on the way there and was relieved to see the pro-lifers out there.  Praise the Lord on high!

February 17, AWHC — While ministering, sidewalk counselors saw a car heading out of the driveway, so they offered our We’re Here for You brochure and help as they were getting ready to drive out.  They were leaving undecided, but after talking with the sidewalk counselors, agreed to go next door to the pregnancy center, and ending up choosing life!  This is why it is SO important to have people crying out in the wilderness for these babies at these places of death, and making sure to let the moms know there is help for them.

February 18, AWHC  —  Sidewalk counselors were able to hand literature to an abortion-bound mama, but like so many others, she went inside anyway.  She later came outside and talked with one of the counselors, even though anti-life escorts were trying to stop her. 

The young woman ended up choosing to leave with her baby still tucked safe and secure in her womb.  Thank the Lord for the pro-life warriors who minister on Saturdays when it is so rough with so many “screaming ninnies”!  Praise the Lord!

February 24, AWHC — Sidewalk counselor Krissie was down at the driveway offering help and hope to abortion-bound women as they were arriving, along with others out that morning speaking up and praying for the innocent babies!  One young couple heard them, and went down to speak with them. 

They listened intently, and agreed to go next door to the pregnancy center.  Thank the Lord we were there when they came walking out with all kinds of baby items a couple hours later!  As they were driving out, we spoke with them, and they were so happy with their decision for life for their child!  We exchanged phone numbers and plan to keep in touch.

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