by Michele Herzog,  Central Florida Branch Manager

In the midst of everything going on in our nation these last six months, God has been doing miraculous and incredible things at the abortuaries here in central Florida!

Being that the abortion industry was never shut down and continued  to kill little baby boys and girls, we also continued to minister as we always have, being that voice for the voiceless, trying to rescue those little ones drawn to the slaughter. And, what we have witnessed throughout this time has been nothing short of a miracle, as we have seen so many babies saved, and we give HIM all the glory!

So many women who have arrived with plans to abort their child were greeted by sidewalk counselors offering them the help they needed, and the truth of abortion during these dark times.  These words spoken to them have penetrated into their hearts, convicting their souls, and changing their minds, leading them to choose life for their sons or daughters.

God has also used the witness of Christians praying, worshiping and preaching on the sidewalks during this time to reach the abortion bound parents in absolutely tremendous ways as well.  How wonderful to be the hands and feet of Jesus bringing good news to the lost and hurting!

There are so many “miracle” stories that I could share during this time.   Here is one that just happened this past week, on a later term abortion day.  It really shows the battle that was fought. But satan was defeated, and this little babe was saved!

This baby’s parents had driven all the way from Georgia this almost fateful day to have their almost six-month baby in the womb killed.  They never imagined, though, that there would be Christians out that day offering them help and the truth of abortion when they arrived.  And even though they both went inside, the mom-my came out shortly after and went right down to speak to one of the sidewalk counselors.  She was told of all the help available, and that she could go next door for a free sonogram.

She went back inside the abortuary but soon after came out again and sat in her car looking very troubled.  She began to speak with one of the other counselors who shared more with this mommy and encouraged her to leave and protect her baby.  The woman shared how the father of the baby was pressuring her to have the abortion and how she didn’t want to “do it.”  All she needed was encouragement from someone to tell her that she could have the baby, that no one can pressure her to abort, to be brave and that God will help her and be with her!

Again she went back inside, but minutes later came out with the father of the baby.  They got in their vehicle and drove out.  Since they did not go next door to the pregnancy center, everyone began to pray that the baby would be protected, and that God would truly move upon the parents’ hearts.  We battled in the heavenlies for this precious gift from God!

Soon after, they came back and drove into the pregnancy center, went inside and stayed for a couple hours.  When leaving, they thanked us and headed home to Georgia with their little one safe in his/her mommy’s womb.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

This is only one of so many stories, but an incredible example of what God has been doing down here in central Florida!

Even in the darkest times, God still moves and reigns!  We must trust Him and continue to be HIS hands and feet, crying out for these innocent children whose lives are perishing daily in this nation.  We must be at these places of death as the last-ditch effort to rescue these babes from a very barbaric and gruesome death!  And to offer the gospel to a very lost and dying world!  For such a time as this!  Glorify HIS name; HE is worthy!

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