By Brian Gibson,
Executive Director

With the release of the undercover videos beginning July 14, we realized an opportunity as we had never imagined.  For the first time in decades, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry became vulnerable.  Because of the widespread prevalence of the Inter-net, and in particular, YouTube, the mainstream media was bypassed and the barbaric reality of how the abortion industry works came into light for millions of Americans.

Pro-Life Action Ministries led efforts which brought together a coalition of pro-life organizations, elected officials and concerned citizens that culminated in the single largest rally of pro-life people at an abortion facility in history, more than 4,500 at the mega-Planned Parent-hood in St. Paul on August 22, 2015.  And the coalition continued as we organized rally after rally merging into our 40 Days for Life.

All this was good, but the hard reality is that it is the ongoing “grunt work” of daily presence and prayer, communicating the pro-life message to all, and sidewalk counseling efforts that seek to intervene immediately for those about to be killed that will bring substantive and real change.  We must continue the amazing efforts of the past four months for as long as necessary to bring an end to the killing.  The well-funded and deeply politically connected Planned Parenthood (Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor is a former Planned Parenthood official) will not give up easily.  And the abortion industry as a whole, driven by unseen powers of darkness, will not go away without a fight.  The breakthrough created by the revelations from the undercover videos have given us a renewed realization that we can effect change.  But we must realize that the work of ending abortion will be ardent and will come with a combination of our diligent work and God’s amazing grace.

At the end of our Fall 40 Days for Life campaign on November 1, we announced a new initiative we are calling “Every Day for Life.” The concepts are simple; we are challenging everyone to give a minimum of 24 hours a year to prayerful presence at an abortion facility.  The time commitment is broken down to two hours a month, accomplished by scheduling your time as twice a week for 15 minutes, once a week for half an hour, bi-weekly for an hour or once a month for two hours.  Place this on your calendar as you would any important appointment or family event.  Carve out this regular time to pray outside an abortion facility as you do for attending church.  It can be any time of day or night.  Get up early for work and stop on your way in once a week.  Stop after work once or twice a week.  Make it a family event on the weekend or convince your Bible study, or men’s or women’s group to go a couple times a month.

By increasing the presence of Christians praying at the abortion facilities, I believe we will see an increase in the numbers of babies saved and abortion workers converting to Christ, and even some of these facilities closing down just as Regions Hospital closed its abortion center.

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