Sidewalk Counselors Needed!
By Michele Herzog,
Central Florida Branch Manager

Without surprise, the extremely liberal Florida Supreme Court on February 23 overturned two lower-court decisions which had temporarily blocked surgical abortions and sonograms from taking place, due to covenant restrictions in the medical complex Planned Parenthood Kissimmee had moved their mega killing center into, in 2014.

The high court stated that the trial judge had misstated facts and sent the case back to the lower courts for further litigation.

Interestingly, PP had scoffed at the lower-court decision and only for a short time did they halt surgical abortions.  They started committing them again within a matter of months. They never did stop offering chemical abortions; those always continued.

When plans were found out that PP was planning to move their mega-center into Kissimmee, large crowds of Christians turned out in great opposition to America’s largest abortion provider moving into their area.  City Commission meetings were packed out, with many doctors, nurses, businessmen and women, and citizens voicing their concerns and utter disdain at the thought of an abortion center coming into Kissimmee.

Unfortunately, these crowds have dwindled off, and with the news of the original lower-court decisions earlier, Christians somehow thought that ALL abortions had stopped, but they never did. The killing continued on!

We are calling the body of Christ in Kissimmee and the surrounding area to come out and be the voice for the voiceless, to expose the evil that is taking place at 610 Oak Commons Place, and to try to rescue those babies who are being led to the slaughter!  We must have a presence in front of this place of death!  We are not deterred by the Florida Supreme Court decision!

Please call (407) 230-2557 to find out how you can be involved, and become a sidewalk counselor!  We want to make sure there are Christians out there every time Planned Parenthood Kissimmee is killing babies, but most importantly, we want to see this abortuary shut down.  Would you join us in praying that Kissimmee would be free from the shedding of innocent blood?

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