Photo by Amber Carroll About 200 Christians protested the mega-Planned Parenthood in Kissimmee, Fla. during the ribbon-cutting May 14. They still hope to prevent this abortion mill from opening in their neighborhood.

by Michele Herzog
Central Florida Branch Manager
Pro-Life Action Ministries

The first city commissioners’ meeting at the Kissimmee City Hall was completely packed out, with the lobby and hallway filled with concerned citizens waiting to express their outrage and sadness over the proposed opening of a mega-Planned Parenthood (PP) at 610 Oak Commons Blvd., Kissimmee. People from all walks of life, nationalities, color, ages, occupations, all with the same heartfelt plea to the commissioners: to do what they could to stop this Planned Parenthood from coming to their community. Dr. John Littell, an incredible pro-life physician, who is helping to lead the way in this battle, gave an absolutely passionate speech.

Since then, a group of 70 physicians has taken out a full-page ad (May 3) in the Osceola News Gazette expressing their outrage over the proposed mega-PP, and encouraging those in Kissimmee and surrounding areas to join them in this battle to try to keep this mega place of death from opening! Many of the physicians, who are pro-life, also expressed concern over the impact this abortion center will have on the healing community. From the physicians in the ad:

The REALITY is that the ONLY SERVICE to be provided to the citizens of Osceola by this center that is not already readily available is ABORTION.  The presence of this abortion facility in the midst of the otherwise healing environment of Oak Commons will have an inevitable, immediate and long-lasting economic impact upon our entire community, and will affect our ability as physicians to continue to provide optimal care to our patients.

Following the full-page ad, a second city commissioners’ meeting was  packed out with concerned citizens, with standing room only! This time, 30 minutes was given to Dr. Littell, other physicians, pastors and businessmen who eloquently shared their concerns once again over the impact this place of death would have on their community if opened. They challenged the mayor and commissioners to enforce the zoning for the proposed location; the area is zoned B-5 for medical, not surgical! The mayor and the commissioners hemmed and hawed, but the bottom line is that they are not willing to enforce this zoning law, and this PP will be the first surgical facility allowed under the B-5 restriction in this area!

And then, upon hearing there would be a ribbon-cutting/open house ceremonial,  close to 200 citizens from Kissimmee and surrounding areas of Central Florida showed up May 14 en masse! It was an incredible showing of God’s people singing “Amazing Grace” as we walked through the parking lot single file holding our signs and exposing the evil that is trying to permeate this land in Kissimmee!

I know that this is a mountain we are climbing in trying to stop PP from moving into Kissimmee, but I also know that with God all things are possible! Please join us in prayer and fasting, pleading with the Lord to intervene on behalf of the little baby boys and girls who will lose their precious lives if this place of death is allowed to open! The God that parted the Red Sea can part this sea. Let’s pray and walk up this mountain doing what we can to keep Kissimmee free from the shedding of innocent blood!

Editor’s note: This article was condensed from a longer article in the June 2014 issue of Pro-Life Action News.

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