Fetal Model Helped Save Baby!

By Janice, volunteer sidewalk counselor

November 23, 2021, St. Paul Planned Parenthood — Yeah God!  A women took literature from Pat W. or me; we cannot recall which.  She hesitated in the driveway and stopped for about a minute, then turned around in the parking ramp, rolled down her window when she got to the exit, and loudly and proudly exclaimed, “I changed my mind!”  I hugged her and asked her name.  I said, “This was the best day ever, you will not regret it.”  She said the little baby model did it for her!  I explained that our brochure had a list of pregnancy resources and pointed out Abria across the street.  I was crying and smiling.  She was smiling.  Pat gave her a baby gift and she seemed very touched!  God is good!

Note from Debra Braun – Another woman changed her mind last Friday, Nov. 19, at the same PP.  She didn’t explain why, but we thank the sidewalk counselors, the regular prayer supporters and the prayer group from the University of St. Thomas who were out there that morning!

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