Faithful Friend Didn’t Give Up

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

Baby saved at AWHC, November 9, 2021:

Sidewalk counselors noticed a woman pull into the AWHC parking lot and then stand outside on her phone for a long time talking.  Of course they reached out to her, but she kept talking.  Later on, counselors were in the back ministering when one of the abortion workers came out to get all the abortion bound parents to move their cars to get ready for the abortionist to arrive to do his deadly deed. 

The cars began to pull out, and one in particular stopped and rolled her window down.  It was the woman who had been up front talking on the phone.  She was in a panic and told us that she was Catholic, that she was against abortion, and that she was trying to get her friend to come out and save her baby!  We gave her our brochure and told her that she could take her friend right next door to the pregnancy center RIGHT NOW if she could get her out.  We then told her that we would be praying! 

About 15 minutes later, we see the heroic friend out front on the phone again, heading toward the pregnancy center.  One of the counselors went up to her and walked her next door to make sure she could get in.  Turns out, she was talking with her abortion bound friend who was agreeing to come out and go next door!  We then saw her friend (we assumed) and we called out to her, and then she walked over and they both went inside the pregnancy center!

We found out that the boyfriend was sitting out front.  The woman did not tell him that she was going next door.  She sneaked out of the mill because he was pressuring her to get the abortion.  So the abortion bound dad we had been reaching out to all morning was the dad of this baby.   We had no idea.  We confirmed later that she did in fact choose life for her baby, and we thank God for HIS intervention!  This was truly a heroic action on the part of her friend, and all the more reason to have Christians in front of these places of death!  Hallelujah!

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